【職場熱話】調查:逾4成受訪者表示在辦公室養寵物可提高工作滿意度 Survey suggests over 40% of respondents said that having pets in the office can increase job satisfaction



  1. 讓員工放心專注於工作:

  2. 增加工作動力:

  3. 營造輕鬆的工作環境:

  4. 激發創新思維:

  5. 促進員工關係:


In recent years, the workplace environment has been undergoing a transformation, driven by the entrance of the new generation into the workforce and their increased emphasis on achieving a work-life balance. The impact of the pandemic has further heightened the importance of flexible work arrangements and employee-friendly welfare policies. One such policy that has become increasingly common, particularly in foreign countries, is the concept of a "pet-friendly office." Major corporations like Google and Amazon have already implemented this policy, and companies in Hong Kong such as Hong Fook Tong and Meiriki Japan are also embracing the idea. They allow employees to bring their children or pets to work, fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and animals and creating a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment.

According to research conducted by Job seeking platform, LiveCareer, 94% of people support the idea of having pets in the workplace, with 76% stating that working in a pet-friendly office environment is a positive experience. Furthermore, 41% of respondents believe that having pets in the office can increase their overall job satisfaction. A pet-friendly office has become a significant factor in attracting talent, with 52% of respondents stating that a pet-friendly welfare policy is highly important when considering a job offer. Let's explore some of the benefits associated with a pet-friendly office:

  1. Peace of mind for employees:
    Allowing employees to bring their pets to work alleviates the distraction and guilt that may arise when leaving them at home. By having their pets with them, employees can concentrate more on their work without worrying about their pets' well-being.

  2. Increased motivation:
    Research indicates that permitting pets in the workplace can boost employee enthusiasm and work hours. Since employees no longer need to rush home to care for or spend time with their pets, they are more motivated to work and remain engaged within the company.

  3. Creating a relaxed work environment and reducing work-related stress:
    Study from Washington State University shows that just 10 minutes of interaction with cats or dogs can soothe emotions and relieve stress. Approximately 33% of respondents believe that a pet-friendly office helps cultivate a relaxed work environment. Pets bring joy and alleviate tension in the workplace. When employees face challenges or experience stress, interacting with pets can help them unwind and manage their emotions.

  4. Inspiring innovative thinking:
    Interacting with pets can stimulate employees' creativity and work efficiency. This is particularly relevant for employees in innovative industries that require extensive periods of focused thinking. The presence of pets can provide inspiration and motivation.

  5. Promoting employee relationships:
    Pets facilitate interaction and communication among colleagues, as indicated by 51% of respondents who feel that a pet-friendly office encourages more socialisation. Research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests that dogs, in particular, provide social support, enhance employee performance, foster communication, strengthen emotional connections, thereby boost team morale.

A pet-friendly office not only allows employees to concentrate on their work and increase motivation and job satisfaction, but also cultivates a relaxed work environment, fosters innovation, and strengthens employee relationships. Has your company embraced this approach and provided a workspace where employees can share their time with pets?


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