Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passion Moments in 5G - Inauguration Ceremony

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To reveal the unprecedented possibilities of 5G, Yahoo Hong Kong presents the city-first 5G immersive Cross-Realm Virtual Event, dubbed the “Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passion Moments in 5G”. To highlight Yahoo Hong Kong’s deep-rooted connections with our local users, “Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passion Moments in 5G” takes our users via an immersive and interactive journey around the passion moments of our beloved city to witness a marriage of worlds virtual and real with the use of eye-opening technologies like AR/VR, VR 360 Video, Yahoo Hong Kong Search x Web AR and more. Verizon Media will lead guests on a one-of-a-kind journey that intersects worlds virtual and real. Guests will transform into a bespoke avatar and “gather” in a VR platform especially tailored by Yahoo Hong Kong to engage in virtual talks discussing 5G, the future of digital, AR/VR and more.