【職場秘笈】5種技巧讓你在求職面試中留下深刻印象 5 ways to impress during the job interview

即使擁有良好的履歷和口才,但要得到理想工作的機會並不容易。在面試時,什麼話題和技巧可以讓你讓招聘人員立刻留下深刻的印象呢?曾是Google和Amazon高層的Ann Hiatt在職業生涯中進行了數百次面試,擁有豐富的面試經驗,以下是她的五個實用面試技巧:

  1. 以動人的故事分享興趣愛好

  2. 談及想學習卻尚不了解的領域

  3. 運用「我們」和「我的團隊」等詞語

  4. 談及以往沒有成功的想法

  5. 展望未來而非侷限於工作描述



Despite having a strong resume and excellent communication skills, landing your dream job is not always easy. So, what techniques can make a lasting impression on hiring managers during an interview? Ann Hiatt, a former executive at Google and Amazon, has conducted hundreds of interviews throughout her career and gained valuable experience. Here are her five practical interview tips:

  1. Share your hobbies with compelling stories
    Google employees are not only known for their exceptional work abilities but also for their unique hobbies and passions. During an interview, they go beyond saying "I like gardening" or "I enjoy playing tennis" and instead, they share captivating stories or experiences that showcase their genuine enthusiasm for their hobbies.

  2. Embrace areas you're eager to learn but unfamiliar with
    One common mistake candidates make is overemphasising all things they’re good at. This gives the impression that they prefer staying within their comfort zone rather than seeking new challenges. Discuss the areas you are interested in improving, skills you want to develop, and your ambitious aspirations, demonstrating a willingness to learn.

  3. Use words like "we" and "my team"
    Saying that you work well with others is easy, but it's challenging for hiring managers to assess your actual teamwork and collaboration skills. When you excessively use the word "I," it indicates a preoccupation with personal achievements. Highlighting team successes rather than just individual ones showcases a more sophisticated and rare skill set. Make a point to say "we achieved [X]" or "my team did an excellent job in [X]."

  4. Discuss ideas that didn't succeed
    Outstanding employees are not discouraged by failures but rather energised and motivated by them. Share examples of times when you had to pivot from a passion project and apply what you learned to a new endeavour.

  5. Look beyond the job description and envision the future
    Hiring managers don't want to hear a repeat of the job description they wrote. Instead, demonstrate your vision for the future, showing what your role could evolve into in a year or two.

By applying these interview techniques, you can make a lasting impression on hiring managers. A captivating interview performance is key to securing your dream job, so be well-prepared, exude confidence during the interview, and showcase your value through unique stories and perspectives.


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